Minecraft: Story Mode


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Get your game on! Because it’s one of the secrets to Growing Bolder. Multiple studies have proven that the more active you are, not just with your body but with your BRAIN, the healthier you can be as you get older.

Video game companies and developers know it’s true, and more and more, they’re creating products that appeal not just to kids and teens, but to grandmothers and grandfathers. And they’re not just effective– they’re fun — many of the newest games allow users to customize the characters, take on virtual adventures and quests, and do it all without the blood and gore that seems to accompany so many popular programs.

One of the most popular games in the history of video gaming is Minecraft. Developers have sold more than 70 million Minecraft games, all over the world, which makes you realize that it isn’t just kids who love Minecraft. And now, there’s a new version of the game called “Minecraft: Story Mode.”

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What’s new about it is that it actually makes YOU the hero… YOU get to be in control of what happens. You choose what your character does, says and even looks like, so you can make your experience totally different from somebody playing right next to you.

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We had the chance to speak with the game designers, and it was fascinating to learn that they were inspired to create this positive, uplifting game, based on some of their favorite family movies — They mentioned The Goonies, Ghostbusters and more recently, the Lego Movie. They really want Minecraft: Story Mode to be something that everyone in the family can play together.

Minecraft: Story Mode is a standalone game that can be downloaded or bought on disc at your favorite retailer.

It can be played on nearly every platform and game system out there, including Xbox, Playstation, Mac, iPad and iPhone, Android, Amazon fire and soon, Wii U.

And now, 10 of you are going to get to try the new game for free! We’re giving away 10 downloads, valued at $25 each. One of those 10 winners will also receive a Minecraft compatible tablet valued at a minimum of $250. To enter, follow the directions below.

NOTE: This segment is sponsored by Telltale Games, which is also furnishing the prizes for the giveaway.

Minecraft: Story Mode Game Giveaway