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Dottie Gray

The Indomitable Dottie Gray

If you think someone 90 or older can’t bounce back from a broken hip, prepare to have your mind changed. Meet Dottie Gray, the 94-year-old who had her hip replaced less than a year ago and still showed up to compete at the National Senior Games.

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Age Better By Improving This One Thing

It’s never too late — or early, for that matter — to improve your balance. Improving your balance will not only help protect you from falls later in life, but it’ll keep you moving with ease and confidence today. Find out how to start aging better today by working on your balance.

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The Jersey Boys: Walking on Water

“The Jersey Boys,” as they call themselves, say they’re powered by passion — and a love of walking on water. This group of barefoot water skiiers includes a retired medical oncologist, family physician, railroad worker and master plumber, ranging in age from mid-50s to late-70s. Their backgrounds are varied but their goal is the same: to keep Growing Bolder.

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