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The Fall Guy

When Bill Booth was a college student, he was driving in his car when another young man literally fell from the sky, landing in the road directly in front of Booth. It was a skydiver, a participant in what was then an experimental and risky sport. Booth picked him up, drove him back to the airport and changed his life forever.

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Tap Into Your Creativity

There is so much uncertainty in all our lives. One effective way to deal with the stress is to tap into your creativity in a whole new way. In this conversation with Growing Bolder, Trevor Strong offers tips, thoughts, advice and even a song.

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Growing Bolder Health: Lead With Your Heart

How is your heart health? Do you know? Mark Williams nearly died of a heart attack, even though he didn’t think he had any symptoms of heart disease before nearly losing his life. Now he’s sharing what he hopes every person learns from his near-death experience.

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Sam McDowell’s True Calling

When six time MLB all-star Sam McDowell hit rock bottom with his drinking problem he decided that wouldn’t be let that be the end of his story. Discover how, in many ways, it was actually just the beginning.

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