Elizabeth St. Hilaire’s artwork is bright, cheerful, and whimsical, much like the artist herself. It consists of pieces of paper ripped apart and then reassembled into something more beautiful and more profound.

Like her art, Elizabeth’s own life was ripped apart as a young college student and has been reassembled in a way that can only be described as “Exquisite Harmony.”

She lost some of her closest friends to an act of terror that changed the world forever and vowed to live her life in a way her friends were never able to do.

From creating art to competing in triathlons to combating Bell’s Palsy disease to quitting her job and starting a home business so she could be with her family more, Elizabeth lives life on her terms. See how she embraces life and lives without any regrets.

To learn more about Elizabeth and her work:

BLOG: http://elizabethsthilairenelson.blogspot.com/
ONLINE PORTFOLIO: http://www.nelsoncreative.com/gallery/
GRAPHIC DESIGN: http://www.nelsoncreative.com/