Liz Lerman is one of the top choreographers in the world. She set the dance world on its toes in 1976 when she founded Liz Lerman Dance Exchange. She made it a point to tear down the boundaries between the stage, the audience, even the theater and the community! 

Through explosive dancing, personal stories, humor, and a company of performers whose ages span six decades, Lerman’s productions stretch the expressive range of contemporary dance.

She’s the recipient of a MacArthur Foundation genius grant and has been described as a combination of Woody Allen and Mahatma Gandhi. 

Not only is she a tour de force on stage, she handles herself pretty well in a conversation, too. She doesn’t back away from anything! In fact, she told Growing Bolder about her provocative new dance, very proud that it deals head on with tough ethical issues like life expectancy, old age and death.