• Relentless Forward Progress

    Newlywed Jeremy Jungling was in love and in the best shape of his life. Then came the news he never expected: he had colon cancer. See how he has kept running forward.

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Jamieson Thompson Thomson 16x9

The Comeback Queen

Jamieson Thomson Thomas is in the midst of two major comebacks. See how this national champion rower is battling her way back from injury and, at the same time, forging a new career as a fine artist.


Never Too Late to Change Lives

Dr. Manette Monroe is on a mission to show veterans with PTSD it’s never too late to live the lives they’ve always dreamed about. She’s living proof that sometimes it just takes a little longer to make your dreams come true.

Stop Growing Older

Stop Growing Older, Start Growing Bolder

For the first time in history, there is now an entirely new lifestage that offers limitless opportunity to reinvent yourself, pursue your passions, repair your relationships, build new relationships, give back to your community, leave a meaningful legacy, and much more.

Aykroyd s2 16x9

The Reclusive Superstar

Reclusive actor, comedian, musician and entrepreneur Dan Aykroyd rarely gives interviews. But when his fans showed up by the hundreds for a bottle singing, he stayed until he had met them all and signed whatever they brought with them.

Valerie Greene s1

The Power of Hope

A stroke left Valerie Greene unable to talk, walk or even speak. She’s not only battled back, she’s changing the lives of stroke survivors around the world. See how she uses her story to show others recovery is possible.

Madison Blackmon

Preserving a Teen’s Beautiful Mind

Madison Blackmon was a 14-year-old straight-A student and three-sport athlete when she began having what she thought were anxiety attacks. Seizures soon followed and an MRI revealed a brain tumor. See how her doctors not only took on the tumors, they vowed to preserve her beautiful mind.


Surviving & Thriving Complete Show: Episode 302

In this episode of Surviving & Thriving, two stroke survivors show recovery is possible. Plus, meet a three-sport, straight-A student who battled back from a brain tumor to get back into the game.

Jane Pauley s3

Jane Pauley Takes Control

Opportunity had always seemed to find broadcasting legend Jane Pauley. Then, when she was in her mid-50s, the phone stopped ringing. In a candid conversation, Jane talks with Growing Bolder about her reluctance to reinvent herself but she also reveals how it’s been one of the most rewarding phases of her life.

Marc Middleton, Growing Bolder Minute

Go Get It

Remember when no dream seemed too big? We’ve got a secret: you’ve been programmed to give up. But here’s the good news: dreams can come true at any time, at any age. Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton offers you encouragement to chase your dreams in this Growing Bolder Minute.

John Raaen TN1

Military Legend Shares His Memories of D-Day

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. John Raaen enjoyed a long and distinguished military career that included excelling at West Point, storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day and tours of duty in Korea and Vietnam. Now 93, he doesn’t like to look back but he knows it’s important to preserve his stories for history. He shares his remarkable memories.