• Relentless Forward Progress

    Newlywed Jeremy Jungling was in love and in the best shape of his life. Then came the news he never expected: he had colon cancer. See how he has kept running forward.

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Hunter Skype s4

Hunter Kemper’s Transition

Hunter Kemper, a four-time Olympian and one of the greatest triathletes in U.S. history, talks exclusively to Growing Bolder about his difficult decision to end his quest for his record-setting fifth Olympic games. Find out what’s next and how his family and his faith are keeping him positive about the future.


It’s Time to Get Moving

What makes people wake up before the sun to lace up their sneakers and hit the pavement? In a word: hope. See how people who meet at start lines all across the world have discovered a way to improve their bodies, minds and futures.


Stop Waiting, Start Living

Bill White used to be one of those guys complaining about his job and counting down the years until retirement. Then, when he turned 58, everything changed. He decided to stop waiting and start living. Find out how he did and how far his legs and the two wheels of his bike have taken him.

Run for Your Life s2

Run For Your Life

Check out any run in America and you’ll see it — the ever increasing number of people 40, 50, 60, 70 and older. They’re people who’ve made the decision to run for their lives. Get inspired by their commitment to active and healthy aging, even when faced with the kinds of health setbacks most of us will face in life. Their message? Just keep moving.


The Art of Rebellion

Now in his mid-90s, world-renowned artist Harold Garde not only still paints daily in his home studio, he sees his work as the ultimate act of artistic rebellion. He explains to Growing Bolder why he refuses to paint for the galleries, collectors, shows or museums, but is instead focused on pleasing one person: himself. Listen to him speak passionately on the art of aging, society’s focus on legacies and the privilege he thinks every aging person deserves.

Anthony TN01

Team Growing Bolder Training Tips: The Right Shoe for You

As Cinderella showed, the right shoe can change your life! In this Team Growing Bolder Training Tip, Track Shack’s top shoe guy Anthony breaks down what you need to know about modern exercise shoes, particularly if you haven’t bought a new pair in years. Find out how to find your perfect fit!


Jane Seymour’s Open Heart

You may know Jane Seymour from her iconic roles on film and TV or from her wildly popular Open Hearts line of jewelry, but did you know she’s also on a mission to inspire and empower people to turn their personal adversities into opportunities to help others? She explains her passion for trying new things and never giving up.

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The Motorcycle Matriarch

At the historic and legendary Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida, there was one rider all the attendees were lining up to meet — a 90-year-old petite woman from New Jersey! Gloria Struck is anything but a little old lady. Get to know this cross-country riding and woman rider advocate and you’ll be inspired to let your passions drive your life, too.

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“You’ve Been Passed By An 86-Year-Old”

A record number of runners and walkers gathered for the historic 39th annual Winter Park Road Race, but there was one runner everyone wanted to meet — 86-year-old Ann Kahl. She gives you a pep talk for incorporating movement into your life.

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The Unconditional Love of Pets

When Monisha first met Anthony, she was terrified of dogs, which complicated their new relationship since he owned and loved dogs. Today, they’re married and dedicated to raising money to help shelter pets find their forever homes. See how the tiniest donations make the biggest difference for our most vulnerable friends — shelter animals.