You’ve known him since 1966 when a TV about a struggling rock band became a big hit. Along the way, Micky Dolenz and his bandmates in the Monkees sold a staggering 65 million records.

Micky says for years, the band struggled to make people realize that they were real musicians. He said the audition process was quite arduous, and they were required to play an instrument, act, do comedy and improv. He said the entire casting process was a lot like doing musical theater.

He says the closet thing he’s seen to the Monkees show is “Glee.”

Find out why he thought so important for the Monkees on the TV show to not be successful.

These days, Micky is on a solo tour and he’s just released a new album, King for a Day, a tribute to singer-songwriter Carole King. He says the songs she wrote for the Monkees were always his favorite and for years he’d been wanting to honor her.

Plus, find out about his recent work on Broadway and about his benefit concerts for veterans.