Michael Uslan is a terrific example of how one person can make a big difference, even in the most unlikely of cases. Like many young boys he grew up loving comic books. Especially ones involving superheroes.

His favorite was Batman. He was such a fan, that he used to ride into New York City from New Jersey every week to take the tour of the DC Comics offices just to be close to the action. Eventually, the folks there got to know him and it wasn’t long before he was working there, writing stories and determining the direction of his childhood heroes.

Along the way, it occurred to him that his favorites could be big at the box-office. Not like the campy Batman TV series, but he felt the gritty, conflicted, hard-battling hero would have even more appeal. He acquired the rights and set out to find a studio to buy into his vision. Every one laughed him right out the door. He eventually got director Tim Burton and stars Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson and made his “Batman” movie, and nobody is laughing at him anymore!

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