The job market news continues to bleak, but Dick Bolles, author of the job-hunters’ Bible “What Color is Your Parachute,” says there are millions of jobs out there. You just have to be willing to work hard to get them. He’s here to help you not only find a job but find out that will fulfill you.

Frank Ferrante was overweight, depressed and living a lonely, unhealthy life. Then one day, on a whim, he walked into a raw food restaurant, and his life changed forever. His experiences are the subject of a new documentary, “May I Be Frank: A Film About Sex, Drugs and Transformation.” 

Staying active can keep you physically and socially engaged, adding quality to your life. But for more and more of us, that’s just not enough. Leaving a legacy and finding a way to give back are some of the most rewarding ways of Growing Bolder. (Click here to watch the video version of this story)

Making changes in life is never easy. There can be all kinds of roadblocks along the path to Growing Bolder; the roadblocks of age, religion and race. Many back away from them, but others stand strong, Breaking Barriers for the rest of us to follow. (Click here to watch the video version of this story)

Fresh off her visit to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Rachel Veitch is giving us all the backstage details of her big trip to Hollywood. The 92-year-old tells us what she really thinks of Jay and how she got to experience something that very few people do.

Adolph Hoffman is 87 years old, still hits the diamond regularly and he’s going for a world record in pole vaulting at the 2011 Senior Olympics. Listen to this interview and you’ll change the way you think about what’s possible later in life.