Why would a former TV star spending his 70s traveling around the U.S. and world providing free medical care for those without access to it? Because he could never forget what it was like to grow up without a doctor nearby. Former “Wild Kingdom” host Stan Brock explains why it’s not donations or volunteers that are his greatest roadblock to providing free healthcare in the U.S. — it’s the government.

Want to know what everyone in the fashion industry already knows? The clothes you wear can actually make you look an entire size smaller. Find out the tricks of the trade from nationally known style guru Charla Krupp, author of the new book, “How to Never Look Fat Again.”

It’s the definitive American success story. See a need, fill it and make millions. Of course, it’s never that easy. But it can be done. Patrick Gottsch is living proof. Eight years of having doors slammed in his face didn’t keep this former farmer from building a global media network. Now, RFD-TV, the world’s first 24-hour rural television network, is on every major cable company in America with revenues above $25 million a year. (Click here to watch the video version)

The recession has led to difficult times for a lot of people, including 48-year-old Don Cupo. A year ago, he had lost his job and his optimism. But then he decided to take action and a leap of faith. He enrolled at the nation’s second largest university to pursue his passion — film and music. And since he was already being bold, he decided to chase another dream. He tried out for and made the marching band. (Click here to watch the video version)

Ed Shadle is the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. Now nearly 70, he dreams of breaking the world land speed record, and to achieve his goal, he’s built himself the ultimate racer — a jet engine-powered racecar.