Editor’s Note: Davy Jones died on Feb. 29, 2012 at the age of 66 of a heart attack, according to the Martin County (FL) medical examiner’s office. In 2007, Davy was one our first — and all-time favorite — guests on the Growing Bolder Radio Show.

He’s the symbol of an era.

Former teen heartthrob Davy Jones is an accomplished actor of television, film and stage, a writer and a storyteller, but he is best known as the frontman in the ’60s phenomenon known as the Monkees.

He talked to Growing Bolder about his legions of fans — especially the girls who grew into women — and how he’s still packing them in today.

Plus, find out about how he’s embracing his passions off the stage with a series of books, racehorses and a lively Web site (you won’t want to miss his Diva of the Week blogs).