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Barbara Beskind

Every time she goes to work, Barbara Beskind, 90, smashes the stereotypes of aging. Find out how the conceptual designer’s new job in Silicon Valley is not only having an impact on her young co-workers but on her fellow retirement home residents, too

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Growing Life After Loss

Like so many during this time, Ericka Cotton is struggling with loss. She’s recently lost both her husband and job. Learn how Ericka has turned that grief into positive actions.

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Sam McDowell’s True Calling

When six time MLB all-star Sam McDowell hit rock bottom with his drinking problem he decided that wouldn’t be let that be the end of his story. Discover how, in many ways, it was actually just the beginning.

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Get on Top of Your Tech in 2021

People are busy going through closets and drawers to toss the junk. But how about your phone and computer? Our friends at Senior Planet share how to make 2021 the year you put your electronic house in order.

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What’s It Like to Have Dementia?

What is it like to live with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? Teepa Snow is one of the world’s leading educators on dementia. In this eye-opening conversation, she explains what caregivers and loved ones need to know about what is going on in the minds of those with dementia.

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Growing Bolder is choosing to age in a different way by how you think and how you behave. I love their message.

Denise F.

Thanks to Growing Bolder, at the age of 67 I’ve joined a gym for the first time in my life.

Becky K.

To me, Growing Bolder means taking chances, stretching your limits and not making excuses for living your life to the fullest.

John M.



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Growing Bolder Series

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60 Second Soapbox: Words Matter But…

Yes, words matter, but we can’t allow ourselves to be bullied by them. In this 60 Second Soapbox, Growing Bolder Founder/CEO Marc Middleton explains why coming up with a new, magical term to describe growing older isn’t going to change the way you feel about aging — only you can do that. 

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