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Tennis After 80

Do you ever worry about losing your hobbies as you age? Well, read about these three women over 80 that actually believe the key to living is staying active.

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A Story of Survival

One day, New Yorker Barbara was fine; the next, she was sick from COVID-19. She shares details on the journey of recovering her own health while protecting those around her.

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Believin’ in Vegan

If you’ve ever had a big thought, idea or dream, only to think of a million reasons why if you tried to make it a reality you would probably fail, you’ll be especially interested in this story. Jenn Ross’ dream was to open a restaurant, a vegan restaurant in an economically disadvantaged area. Everyone advised her against it. But she decided to give it a try.

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Erin Brockovich is on a Mission

She started off as a file clerk and ended up fighting back against poisons being dumped into our groundwater. Back in 2000, Hollywood made a movie about her. Now, Erin Brockovich has written an important new book called, “Superman is Not Coming.”

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Conservation of the Gulf Coast

Saving, protecting and restoring natural areas is Bob Bendick’s passion — and his life’s work. Now, at 73, Bendick is leading one of the most challenging efforts of his 40-year career: working with state and local governments abutting the Gulf of Mexico, and with federal agencies, to use funds from the worst oil spill in U.S. history to rebuild the fragile coastal ecosystem.

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Growing Bolder is choosing to age in a different way by how you think and how you behave. I love their message.

Denise F.

Thanks to Growing Bolder, at the age of 67 I’ve joined a gym for the first time in my life.

Becky K.

To me, Growing Bolder means taking chances, stretching your limits and not making excuses for living your life to the fullest.

John M.



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Growing Bolder Series

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The Extraordinary Life of Ms. Vi

She was her city’s first female African-American lifeguard. She’s spent decades helping and ministering to the people of her community. She’s survived lupus. And now, at the age of 76, Ms. Vi has achieved something she’s dreamed about for years — she’s a college graduate.

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98-Year-Old’s Tips for Loving Life

If you ever seek wisdom, make sure the person you turn to has it to give, like Annie Peters. Annie never had much money, but her life was full of adventures. She passed away last week, but not before sitting down with Growing Bolder’s Bill Shafer to talk about her life’s lessons, and the keys to living it to the fullest.

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The Art of Advocating

Amy O’Rourke is one of America’s top advocates for caregivers and families, and she is offering tips to help you become your loved one’s best advocate. She explains why you have to be forceful and patient when it comes to advocating for your loved one. Get her tips for communicating with physicians and getting them…

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