The Coasters will go down in history as one of the most enduring bands in the history of rock music, and the man at the helm all the way through was the amazing Carl Gardner.

They scored their first big hit in 1956 and never looked back. Songs like Yakety Yak, Charlie Brown, Poison Ivy are just a few of the songs that remain part of the American music landscape. And Gardner’s voice was a part of it all. In fact, in 1987, Carl and the Coasters were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.
Carl’s journey took him far away from his hometown of Tyler, Texas, and along the way there was success and fame but also heartbreak and danger. Carl has always faced his problems head on. His most recent battle has been with cancer.
While the Coasters are still on the road, he no longer tours which is why it is such a treat to be able to once again see this incredible man in the recording studio, and speaking frank, as always, about his life and career. The man is as inspiring as his music! Enjoy!