Doesn’t it seem that people gripe about everything these days? How would you like to live in a complaint-free world?

A pastor has the plan to make that possible.

In 2006, Pastor Will Bowen challenged his congregation to live complaint-free for 21 days. That meant no griping, no moaning, no criticizing and no gossiping for three weeks.

That idea has sparked a global movement. Now, 10 million people in 106 countries are wearing his purple complaint free bracelets as a reminder to turn their negative attitudes around.

In his book, “A Complaint Free World,” which is an international bestseller and has been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning and FOX News, Bowen explains how common complaining is and why we do it.

Find out how many times a day the average person complains and the surprising correlation between complaining and your physical health and the health of your relationships.

Plus, if complaining is something we’ve done since caveman days, why does Bowen want to stop it? He explains.

He also talks more about his bracelet concept and why he stopped watching the news long ago.

To learn more and to read an excerpt from the book, click here to visit his website.