We all can remember the feeling all too well. Remember when it was hip or cool to be embarrassed by your parents? From the way they dressed to the things they did and said in front of your friends, we can all remember a time when we tried to distance ourselves just a little bit from mom and dad.

But one person is doing something very cool — he’s admitting in a very big and very public way that he actually likes his parents!

Blogger and comedian Eliot Glazer came across some old photos of his parents that he’d never seen before and he knew he had to share them. So, he did what any young person does these days — he started a blog.

That blog quickly became a smash hit.

Before he knew it, people from around the world were contributing old photos of parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles to his site, My Parents Were Awesome.

That blog is now a best-selling book of the same name.

He thinks the reason it’s become so popular is that it’s something everyone can relate to. You have this image of your parents in your mind, but then you suddenly stumble across an old photo of them playing a guitar or road-tripping and then it hits you — your parents were once young, wild and free, too.

Eliot says one of the things that surprised him the most was just how desperate people were for a chance to show their parents gratitude for being their parents. He says people are so thankful for the chance to honor and appreciate their parents and all they’ve done for them.

Find out what advice he offers for anyone thinking of launching a passion project like his to follow their own dreams.