Tony Little: Everybody Hurts

Do you ever look at a public person and think, “what in the world does that person have to complain about?” Exercise guru Tony Little cautions you against judging a book by its cover because often, we have no idea the hardships someone is trying to survive.


Tony Little: The Variety of Life

You may recognize Tony Little from his wildly popular fitness videos and informercials but did you know he’s also in the shoe, pillow and bison businesses? He explains why we all need a little variety in our lives.

ep169 Bonus-Marc and Bill s3

Believe In Yourself

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you can do anything? Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer share the story of exercise guru Tony Little to inspire you to overcome the doubters in your life.

Guitar Factory s1

Rock Out With the Guitar Guys

For more than 40 years, friends and business partners Billy Fels and Doug Montgomery have kept everyone from Springsteen to Buffett strumming away. These guitar guys share their secrets, including how they managed to, against all odds, become grey haired guys still in the rock and roll business!


Surviving & Thriving Complete Show: Episode 301

In this episode of “Surviving & Thriving,” meet a woman who nearly died after childbirth from a heart condition that baffled doctors. Plus, a man’s musings on life, faith and cancer following his diagnosis with an incurable form of cancer.

Steve Hatcher TN-2

The Healing Power of Words

How would you react if doctors told you there was a malignant tumor on your spine and you had an incurable form of cancer? Steve Hatcher started writing. And he couldn’t believe the words that poured out of him. His reflections even went viral. He shares what he’s learned on this journey.


From the Heart

Dena Jalbert had never been admitted into a hospital until the day she went into labor. She almost didn’t make it out. Find out about the unexpected heart condition she developed and how it changed her life forever.


Bonding With Bond

When actor Pierce Brosnan saw a painting of himself that’d been created by an artist who paints with her mouth he knew he had to meet her. So he invited her into his home, where they bonded over their passion for painting, particularly through life’s toughest challenges.


Tony Little: Find the Funny

Author, entrepreneur and infomercial icon Tony Little says you have to learn to find the funny in life, even when you’re the target of the joke. Find out how to let others’ negativity bounce off you on your own road to success.

Robert Hill 16x9

The Ballet Master

Robert Hill was determined that his retirement from dancing would not mean a retirement from dance. Mission accomplished.