Robert Hill 16x9

The Ballet Master

Robert Hill was determined that his retirement from dancing would not mean a retirement from dance. Mission accomplished.

Chris Warner TN 1

How to Lead: Lessons From a Mountain Man

What do you do when a friend, business associate and mountaineering icon asks you to produce a video promoting his one-of-a-kind corporate speaking business? You do it. And whether you want to hire Chris Warner or not, we know you’ll be inspired by what he’s accomplished and learned on the world’s most dangerous mountains.


Honor Your Creative Voice

Each one of artist Carole Lyles Shaw’s quilts tells a story. At a recent exhibition of African-American story quilts, Carole explained how art is the ultimate act of hope and healing.

Bev Bergeron

Just Keep Laughing

Famed magician and clown Bev Bergeron entertained a generation of people on hit shows in the 1960s, sharing the stage with the likes of Red Skelton, Lucille Ball and Merv Griffin. In a no-holds-barred conversation, Bev says today’s top magicians and illusionists can and should do better for their fans.

Dorothy Johnson s5 16x9

100 Year Old Says Giving Back is Her Secret of Longevity

As she celebrates her 100th birthday, Dorothy Johnson celebrates a lifetime of giving back and breaking racial and gender barriers. She shares her secrets of longevity and offers her advice for making your own mark on the world.

Marc and Bill on set

Growing Bolder TV: Episode 145

Whenever life tries to shatter your dreams, pick up the pieces and start Growing Bolder. In this episode of the nationally syndicated Growing Bolder TV show, we’ll show you how.


Doug Ulman: Set Unachievable Goals

Doug Ulman is not one to back down from challenges. From battling cancer three times, to building LIVESTRONG into one of the world’s most powerful and effective cancer fighting communities and then leading the organization through its biggest crisis, Ulman has been a fearless warrior.

Jeremy and Claire Jungling

Relentless Forward Progress

Jeremy Jungling was a newlywed, running coach and in the best shape of his life. When he learned he had colon cancer, he was stunned. See how the experience has changed him and why he’s no longer waiting until “I’m older” to chase his dreams.


Road to Recovery: Be the Exception

Every patient and every situation is different and there is no crystal ball. But there are steps you can take to make yourself the exception to any set of statistics. Dr. Masson explains how he helps patients strive to be the exception.

Masson profile 1

Road to Recovery: The Doctor Becomes the Patient

World-renowned neurosurgeon Robert L. Masson, MD, recently found himself in an unexpected position: on an operating room table. He explains how his own turn under the knife was exactly the wake-up call he needed to make life-saving changes to ensure he’s here to watch his kids grow up.