Marc Middleton, CEO of Growing Bolder

Special Edition of Growing Bolder: Conquering Kilimanjaro

We’re proud to present this special edition of our daily TV show, Growing Bolder, to take you behind-the-scenes of our first documentary, Conquering Kilimanjaro. In this 30-minute special, we’ll show you why GB Founder and CEO Marc Middleton chose to say yes to this adventure to not only climb the mountain but to shoot a film along the way.

Bree Sandlin

The Power of Love

Bree Sandlin has faced her share of challenges in her life. After years of battling infertility, she was blessed with twins, only to watch one suffer from a stroke and an eventual cerebral palsy diagnosis. And then came her own cancer diagnosis in her 30s. But she has a message: love is the most powerful weapon of all.

Wendy SaT bgd16x9

Wendy’s Cancer Update

“Surviving & Thriving” host Wendy Chioji gives an update on her battle against the rare and aggressive thymic carcinoma and shares photos from her adventures as she keeps making every minute count.

Masson Minutes-front16x9

Road to Recovery: The Changing U.S. Healthcare System

In this Road to Recovery Minute, Dr. Robert Masson discusses the changing landscape of the American healthcare system and why change almost always leads to better things, even if it’s scary at first. See why he’s more optimistic than ever about the state of our healthcare.


Surviving & Thriving: What to Expect

How will you react when you hear the news that changes your life forever? Surviving & Thriving brings you unique stories of people who refused to give in.

Masson Minutes-side16x9

Road to Recovery: Failure Leads to Success

In this Road to Recovery Minute, Dr. Masson explains that setbacks are a universal experience. How you react to them ultimately determines the extent of your recovery.

Hosts S&T7-16x9

Surviving & Thriving Complete Show: Episode 203

Watch our hour-long show dedicated to giving you inspiration to survive life’s toughest challenges. In this edition of our Emmy-nominated show, meet a man who survived a double organ transplant and is taking what he learned from his experiences to change other patients’ lives.


Surviving & Thriving Complete Show: Episode 202

The stories you are about to see will not only inspire and entertain you but will change the way you look at struggles in your own life. In this episode, see how a group of cancer survivors and advocates reached the summit of the world’s highest freestanding mountain.

Masson profile 1

Road to Recovery: Show Up Strong

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, the vast majority of us will slack from time to time, leaving our bodies unprepared to face an injury or illness. World-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Masson is leading a grassroots campaign to get us to Show Up Strong. Find out how.