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Team Growing Bolder Training Tips: Will Running Ruin Your Knees?

A lot of people worry running will prematurely wear out theirs knees, ankles or hips. Susan Paul, training program director for Track Shack’s running programs, dispels the myths surrounding running and joint pain and explains how running can actually improve the long-term health of your knees, hips and ankles.

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Team Growing Bolder Trainer Tips: Get Fitted to Get Fit

If you’re new to regular walking or running or your body is feeling the effects of regular exercise, you may not realize how important your shoes are to your overall health. In this Team Growing Bolder Training Tip, Track Shack shoe specialist Anthony O’Neill explains why it’s important to get your feet properly fitted at a speciality running store, rather than just picking a pair based on cost or color from a big box store.

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Confessions of a Caregiver

Bethanne Weiss never planned on being a caregiver. Like more than 44 million others in this country, she had no idea what she was in for when she placed her parents into nursing homes. She shares her inspiring story of struggling to make her own health a priority, while, at the same time, she is caring for her aging parents.

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Team Growing Bolder Training Tips: Old Shoes Stink

Track Shack shoe specialist Anthony O’Neill explains why you should resist the urge to just pull an old pair of tennis shoes out of the closet and offers tips for finding your foot’s perfect shoe in this Team Growing Bolder Training Tip.

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GB Throwback: Just Say Yes

We talk a lot about saying yes, taking calculated risks and looking for adventure. Our CEO Marc Middleton made a career out of doing all three as a TV news and sports anchor and reporter. You’ve got to see these to believe them.

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Team GB Training Tips: Getting Started

Susan Paul, Training Program Director for Track Shack’s Running Programs, offers motivation for finding a program right for you and previews what you’ll be learning in the coming weeks through the Team Growing Bolder Training Tips.

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Saved by Rock and Roll

Steve Stover is grateful to be alive and he thinks his life was saved, in part, by rock and roll. Find out how he survived one of the most horrific concert accidents of all time and learned to live again, overcoming incredible obstacles.


Ambassadors of Healing

Judith Simms-Cendan, M.D., loves to practice medicine, loves to teach and loves to serve. Her favorite classrooms are the streets and remote villages of impoverished countries around the world. She invites us along to the Dominican Republic to show how her students are changing and saving lives.

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James Patterson: Cross Justice & I Funny TV

Best-selling author James Patterson says there’s no greater gift a parent or grandparent can give a child than a love of reading. He offers his tips for getting kids hooked on reading and previews his two newest books in the Bolder Books spotlight.

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A New Hope

Judson and Barbara Stryker thought they’d been through it all after 54 years of marriage. They never expected they’d both suffer from the same, unusual neurological condition that frequently is misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s or dementia.