A lot of life has gone by in the 40 years since the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was canceled. One of the biggest reasons the show was pulled was over the brothers’ constant tussles with the network over censorship, and Tom Smothers (pictured, left) was the focal figure of some of those monumental battles with the powers-that-be.

He steadfastly clung to the right to express different ideas and viewpoints through comedy and music, but he paid quite a price.

Thanks to his courage, today’s performers enjoy a freedom that many take for granted. Tom wonders: where are all the rabble rousers? Where are the George Carlins of today? He’s concerned that we’ve walked away from political humor in favor of bathroom jokes.

You can still hear the passion and excitement in Tommy’s voice, and at 72, it’s clear he still has a lot to say.

The Smothers Brothers are still hitting the road to make people laugh and think. Click here to find out how you can see them.

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