It’s the definitive American success story. See a need, fill it and make millions. Of course, it’s never that easy. But it can be done. Patrick Gottsch is living proof. Eight years of having doors slammed in his face didn’t keep this former farmer from building a global media network.

Now, RFD-TV, the world’s first 24-hour rural television network, is on every major cable company in America with revenues above $25 million a year. It reaches 40 million homes in more than 20 companies.

Plus, Patrick has something special in his stable — Trigger. Yes, that Trigger. After Trigger and Bullet the Wonder Dog died, Roy Rogers had them both mounted. When they went on sale at Christie’s Auction House in New York, Patrick knew he had to have them.

Wait until you hear how much he paid and why he thought it was an important gift to share with the American people. Patrick has also launched a 48-state tour, The Happy Trails Tour with Trigger and Bullet. Click here to find out where you can see them.