Are you living your life to the fullest? Get inspired with these stories from men and women who are Growing Bolder and leading the way.

First, Russell Hitchcock is the unmistakable voice behind some of the most recognizable tunes of the ‘80s written by Graham Russell and released as the pop-rock sensation Air Supply. Some of their hits include “Lost In Love,” “All Out of Love” and “The One That You Love.” What you might not know is they are still together, still writing and recording and still playing the songs that take you back to your youth!

Not many women in their 90s will tell you they feel far more comfortable in the cockpit of a plane than behind the wheel of a car, but then again, few have had experiences quite like 94-year-old Violet Cowden. Cowden was one of 1,000 certified Women Airforce Service Pilots, or WASPs, in World War II and she was recently awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

Neil Gussman is a chemical engineer by trade who, in his mid-50s, rejoined the National Guard after 23 years and was soon sent to serve in Iraq. “It just seemed like the right thing to do,” says the 56-year-old Sergeant. Find out what he taught his roommates, even those half his age!

We wish we could stop time. It’s Tom Bransford’s job to make sure it keeps running. He tried to retire, but when you’re the only qualified clock repair expert for miles around, well, time stops for no one. He built a workshop in his garage, and that’s where you’ll find him, nearly every day of the week!

Collecting runs in Tom’s family. Meet Ida Bransford, Tom’s wife, who is known for miles around for her stunning glass collection. Check out her house full of precious possessions!

Author Michael Losier caught the eye of Oprah with his obvious, but hard to harness, Law Of Attraction. It’s a concept that he says we can all use to change the vibes we’re all putting out. If we master that, we can change the vibes that are coming back in to our lives.