From physical to spiritual transformations, the Growing Bolder Radio Show will prove it’s never too late to change your mind, body and spirit. Stop making excuses and get ready to start Growing Bolder.

Dr. Robert Huizenga has a harsh truth for every American — you’re living in a state of denial about your weight. Huizenga, who is the medical adviser for “The Biggest Loser,” says it’s time for people — and their doctors — to stop making excuses about working out. An active lifestyle is one thing you can do to guarantee a longer, healthier life. 

At 70, while dealing with a recurrence of prostate cancer, Sherman Goodrich entered the Body-For-Life competition and won! Find out how he went from never working out before to a muscular physique. And he reveals why he dedicates extra reps in his home gym to cancer.

One of the keys of living an extraordinary life is to find something you’re passionate about. If you can find that, it’s easy to get up in the morning. In this week’s Inside the Story segment, we introduce you to two artists. One’s 85 and the other is about to turn 70. Harold Garde is a seriously accomplished artist who painted part time while raising a family; Bobby Goldsboro is a former ’60s pop and country music superstar who didn’t pick up a brush until he was 65.

Pete Fornatale is a highly respected rock historian who witnessed one of music’s most influential eras from behind a microphone. His new book on Woodstock paints the clearest picture yet of the most important concert event in the history of rock.

Tao Porchion-Lynch is a master yoga teacher, 91 years young, and she has taught worldwide and trained and certified hundreds of yoga teachers. She believes that yoga can not only heal individuals but can help heal the planet. She shares one of her secrets to happiness in life, and it’s a philosophy she says she’s always lived by.