Did you ever feel as if you just didn’t fit in? That you had to change to be accepted? Ed Feldman used to feel that way about being bald. He felt he had to hide behind a hairpiece to be respected.

He shied away from people, turning inward to his computer and smartphone. Just playing around, he began to create stunning images. He had become a digital artist.

As he started Growing Bolder in his art, he grew bolder in life. 

His works gave him a new identity, a means of self-expression and a newfound passion for life. He traded his hairpiece for happiness! 

Technology opened a whole new world for Ed in a way he never imagined possible. At the age of 60, he found the perfect means to truly express himself and the tools were right there at his fingertips. By creating incredible images with his smartphone and his computer, Ed created a whole new identity for himself. And he believes anyone can. 

You can further explore his works and creative vision in greater detail at EdFeldman.com.