**IMPORTANT NOTE! Since the production of this video, the time for the weekly Age of Opportunity has changed. You can now join in every Thursday, starting at 9pmET, not 8pm. The rest of the information still stands, so please jump in and take part!

We truly are in an Age of Opportunity — a thrilling time of change when it comes to age and media, entertainment, sports and more. Want to see how to get involved?

Start with this video! In it, Growing Bolder Executive Producer Katy goes through some of the technical information you’ll need to take part in the chat. Feel free to contact her or anyone else on the GB staff with questions or concerns.

Why take part? Read this blog to see how the idea for the chat started, and what we’re hope you’ll get out of it. It will be fun, interesting, and hopefully inspirational, all at the same time!

Every week, the Age of Opportunity chats will be archived:

The Age of Opportunity Chat page (find archived #ageop chats here)