As popular as statin drugs are today, there are some that claim they will not extend your life. 

America’s Most Trusted Pharmacist Suzy Cohen believes there are ways to improve your cardiac condition without drugs, or at least in addition to them. 

In this clip, Suzy focuses on Natural Secrets to Fight Heart Disease.
There are a number of natural things we all can do to either help get off drugs or cut down on the dosage. 
Have you heard the hubbub about pomegranate juice? Suzy says there is evidence it can help unclog arteries. Do you take ribose? She explains why this can make a big difference for you. 
There is also a new antioxidant that researchers say is up to 80 times stronger than vitamin E. Find out why the same ingredient is what’s responsible for making flamingos turn pink.
She also goes into Omega 3s, why garlic is something that should be taken on a daily basis, and why grapes may be one of the best snacks you can have.
As always, with Suzy Cohen you get straight talk about disease, drugs and alternatives to keep you or your loved ones in tip-top condition.

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