Straight Talk About Eating Smart: Stop Muscle Loss

Did you know you start to lose muscle mass in your 30s? And that process begins to speed up once you hit your 50s. Growing Bolder’s nutrition expert and registered dietitian Dr. Susan Mitchell explains the keys to halting this process.


Dr. Susan Mitchell: Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

If you’re 45 or older, chances are your cholesterol is higher than it should be. The good news is there is a lot you can do about it — without taking medication. Registered dietitian Dr. Susan Mitchell explains the natural ways to lower your levels.


Straight Talk About Eating Smart: Diabetes Warning Signs

Before the full-blown disease of diabetes is diagnosed, you may have signs and symptoms that trouble is on the horizon. What can you look for? Growing Bolder’s Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Expert Dr. Susan Mitchell weighs in.


Dr. Susan Mitchell: Detox

Detox treatments are all the rage these days. Millions are spent on them each year, but do they work? Do our bodies need them? Registered dietitian and Growing Bolder’s nutrition expert Dr. Susan Mitchell gives you the skinny on cleanses.


Straight Talk About Eating Smart: Where Gluten Lurks

If you have a serious allergy to gluten, it’s crucial to make sure it’s not hiding in your favorite foods. And it’s in some surprising places, so make sure you get this list before your next trip to the store.


Dr. Susan Mitchell: Smoothies

As we age, we don’t absorb nutrients the way we used to. There is a way to get all those nutrients in you it tastes so good it tastes like you’re having dessert while you do it. Find out how to blend up the perfect superfood smoothie.


Straight Talk About Eating Smart: The Color of Health

When you shop — whether at the grocery store or at your favorite boutique — you’re probably thinking about what the items are made or or how much they cost. But perhaps the most important thing to consider is what color they are!


Straight Talk About Eating Smart: Eggs

Eggs have had a bad reputation over the years, but is it deserved? We’re going to unscramble the confusion. From cholesterol to fat, to yolks vs. whites, registered dietitian and nutrition expert Dr. Susan Mitchell and Neva Cochran break some news.