Your Vote Matters


Millions of voters across the nation have already cast their vote for the upcoming election. This year, one of the top issues facing voters is the future of health care. As the nation still grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, voter safety is also more important than ever.

Growing Bolder is teaming up with Florida Blue Medicare to provide this important message about the 2020 election. Here are a few key takeaways from our friends at Florida Blue:

More than ever, health coverage matters. 1.9 million of your neighbors and friends across Florida now have health coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act, which makes the following kind of health care coverage possible:

  • $0 annual wellness checkups and immunizations to help keep you and your family healthy
  • Prescription drug coverage, including $0 for certain generic drugs
  • Guaranteed coverage: You can’t be turned down due to a pre-existing condition or lose your health plan if you’re sick.
  • Young adults, up to age 26, can stay on their parent’s plan.
  • Plus, many individuals qualify for help paying their premium, so they can afford to have a health plan

When you vote, make sure you understand where each candidate stands on the issues—from the economy to the value of health coverage options due to the Affordable Care Act. Check out Florida Blue’s healthy voting tips, including important upcoming dates for requesting your mail-in ballot and details on early voting location in your county. Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from voting, because your vote matters. Vote on or before Nov. 3.