Translating Tech: Best Internet Devices for Older Adults


Thinking of upgrading your tablet or laptop but not sure where to start? Check out the official list of Senior Planet-recommended devices to connect you to the world wide web.

Tablet: iPad, 2020 standard 32Gb WiFi model ($329)
The iPad is the long-standing champion of tablets, offering an intuitive, touch-based interface and access to thousands of easy-to-use Apps. Some iPad models can get expensive, so we recommend the base model listed above. It has everything you need to get online and start using a variety of apps.
Where to buy:
Apple | Best Buy

Chrome Device: HP Chromebook 11 ($200-$300)
Using the Chrome OS, this laptop provides everything you need to access the internet, video chat, compose emails, watch videos, and do any other online activity you can dream of. If you’re looking for an affordable laptop, we recommend this Chromebook over traditional Windows laptops in the same price range. Cheaper Windows laptops often have performance issues and other limitations.
Where to buy:
Target | Walmart | B&H

Windows Laptop: Asus Zenbook Flip ($829-$900)
If you prefer to buy a standard Windows-based computer over a tablet or Chrome device, we recommend a “2-in1” device like the Zenbook Flip. With its removable keyboard and touchscreen interface, this device can be used either as a traditional laptop or a tablet. It’s the most expensive of the options we recommend, but it does bring the best of both worlds!
Where to buy:
Adorama Camera | Best Buy | B&H

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