Pursuing Technology and Innovation


After starting his practice in 1995, Dr. Robert Masson began applying brain microsurgery techniques to spinal surgery total commitment to less traumatic spine surgery solutions. The ultimate product was the creation of a unique symphony of surgical techniques the world of minimally invasive spine surgery had not yet seen. The advances he made enabled the creation of spinal implants, retractors, templates, delivery devices, techniques, and technology and ultimately, the iMAS surgical symphony which he invented.

Dr. Masson’s iMAS technique—which is short for ‘intervertebral microsurgical access surgery”—is used in lumbosacral spinal reconstruction and he has been responsible for the education, product development, and research for iMAS Technology products and techniques. He has served as one of several Chairmen, globally, of surgeon training and certification for in the use of the artificial disc, Prodisc.

And his commitment to emerging technology doesn’t end there.

Learn more about Masson Spine Institute at growingbolder.com/massonspineinstitute.