More Tech Content Coming Soon!


Technology is constantly iterating. Sometimes it seems just when we finally master the latest devices, platforms and tools, the new version comes out!

Translating Tech is our commitment to helping you navigate aging in the digital world with the latest trends, surprising software, interesting apps and life-enhancing hardware that can make a difference in your life. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at Senior Planet to provide the Growing Bolder community with information and resources about the ever-evolving tech world and engaging content about aging with attitude!

Senior Planet describes themselves as A distinctive, diverse collection of people aged 60 and older who are busy changing the way we age by embracing opportunities to reshape our lives, connect with and help one another, and change the world for the better —all while learning, growing, and having fun!”

That sounds right up our alley! Keep an eye out for brand new articles, coming soon!

Growing Bolder has teamed up with Senior Planet to bring you more technology content to keep you on the cutting edge of the latest in devices, platforms and tools.