Inside the OR for a Meniscus Repair Surgery


Step inside the operating with Kenneth Krumins, M.D., for a meniscus repair surgery.

In this special presentation of OrthoNet TV, Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic’s Dr. Krumins takes you through the entire process, from diagnosis to surgery to rehab, to explain what patients can expect if they experience one of the most common knee injuries and how quickly they can return to their normal activities.

It’s important information for every person. Dr. Krumins says meniscus tears are one of the most common injuries orthopaedic surgeons see — more than 850,000 meniscal surgeries are done in this country every year. He’ll explain what to look for when you think you may have injured your meniscus and what your treatment and rehab options are.

Plus, Jewett physical therapist Stephanie Duberke, DPT, will explain what the rehab process will include and show some common exercises to get you back in action.

Warning: This video features footage from a surgery. Viewer discretion is advised.