A Conversation with Florida Blue and GuideWell’s Sarah Iselin


In our latest conversation with national and Florida thought leaders who are dedicating their time and talents to helping us all navigate through this global pandemic, we’re thrilled to welcome Sarah Iselin. She is the Executive Vice President of Government Programs and Diversified Business at Florida Blue and GuideWell, a leading health solutions organization that’s at the forefront in the transformation of health care. Among her many responsibilities is overseeing Florida Blue Medicare. We touch base with Iselin to learn how her organization is responding to help people get the kind of care they need during this unprecedented time in our nation’s health history, including more access to affordable care and tools to help seniors navigate their options. Plus, we ask Iselin about her commitment to transforming healthcare to better serve everyone. What are the biggest problems with healthcare? What needs to be transformed? She’ll share her thoughts.

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