Linda Gray

Linda Gray gave life to Sue Ellen Ewing, one of TV’s most iconic characters, and in the process, helped the world discuss a once-taboo topic — alcoholism. Find out just how personal that role was to her and why she’s never stopped pushing the boundaries.


Joan Price

Over the last few years, people over 50 have taught the world a shocking lesson: they’re not only still sexually active, some are more active than ever! Sex expert Joan Price explains why it’s time to stop being embarrassed to talk about sex.


Justin Halpern

Justin Halpern launched an entire media career off of a Twitter feed. The man behind the hilarious “$#*! My Dad Says” is back with a new book and this time, he’s making fun of himself and his poor track record with women.


Joan Price

Part of Growing Bolder is being able to talk about anything. Even sex! When Joan Price wrote “Naked at Our Age,” she knew she might get some raised eyebrows. But she’s determined to prove that sex can be better at 60 than at 20.


Barbara Hannah Grufferman

Beginning the journey into the second half of your life can be so confusing. That’s why Barbara Hannah Grufferman wrote the definitive guide to life after 50, focusing on health, money, sex, beauty and more.


Shecky Greene

Comedian Shecky Greene was so big that Elvis used to open for him in Vegas. We find out if Shecky still has that quick wit that made him a showbiz icon.


Discover Your Inner Sex Symbol

Photo shoots are moving out of the studio and into the bedroom! Boudoir photography is attracting women who prove you’re never too old to be sexy.


A Story for All Men

It’s something men don’t like to talk about. But since September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we will.


Lisa Daily

She’s a relationship expert who believes we all — regardless of age — deserve a shot at love. Lisa Daily says the dating dynamic is different now than ever before, and she has tips for dating like a grownup.

Sara Davidson

Sara Davidson

She’s spent years writing about the challenges of navigating midlife and now she’s turning her sharp mind on the ups and downs of finding love later in life.