Not so long ago, the concept of reinventing your life after the age of 45 was laughable. Now it’s a major trend.

Some call it re-careering, and it may represent the final frontier of personal reinvention. If you’re interested in finding the real you and in taking another shot at a truly satisfying career, author Samuel Greengard can help. He’s written “The Essential Guide to Reinventing Yourself.”

His mantra? Dare to dream! He believes the best thing you can do for your health and longevity is to have a passion as your career. Staying in a job because it is safe or comfortable is a sure ticket to bitterness and depression. He says we have to conquer our fear of change and be willing to do the hard work.

Of course, he says it’s important that our ideas make sense. Things are not easy out there. But noble goals and important works seem to always win out in the long run.