Just like many people, Ray Zahab was a smoker living an unhealthy lifestyle. But unlike most people, he decided to change, and kicked his bad habits. 

The marathoner took off running in the other direction of life and became a spokesperson for important causes and healthy living. 

Zahab is an extreme athlete and an ultra marathoner who takes on intense challenges to raise awareness for causes like the need for clean drinking water in Africa. 

His biggest feat? Running across the scorching hot Sahara Desert. Zahab and two others spent 111 days running 12-15 hours straight without a single day of rest. 

But he’s not done doing mind-blowing things for the causes that are important to him. Next year, he’s on his way to the North Pole. 

He talks with Growing Bolder about how he plans to make it there in 35 days and what he’s learned from all his exciting expeditions.