Linda Gray


Linda Gray is an award-winning actress, director, producer and a former United Nations ambassador. Throughout the world, though, she’s best known for her portrayal of Sue Ellen Ewing on the long-running TV series, Dallas.

That role not only led to international fame, it earned Linda many accolades, including a Best Actress Emmy nomination and the prestigious Woman of the Year award from the Hollywood Radio and Television Society.

People magazine named her one of the Sexiest People Alive … at the age of 72. Now 75, she’s just released a fascinating new memoir called The Road to Happiness Is Always Under Construction.

In it, she describes her bumpy road to success and happiness, including a childhood marked by polio and living with an alcoholic mother. She also talks openly and boldly about something a lot of people are still afraid to discuss: the joys of sex in our 70s and beyond.

Listen to our conversation with this charming and candid superstar and find out why she not only embraces aging, she celebrates it.