How to Survive ‘Lifequakes’


We have been living through some strange and stressful times. From the global pandemic to social upheaval to political divisions, it seems like somebody flipped a switch to turn on all these unexpected and unprecedented changes. Bruce Feiler calls these lifequakes.

Not only did he come up with a name for it, he’s really been delving into how people handle their own personal lifequakes. He’s visited with hundreds of people because he believes we can all learn how to deal with ours by how other people deal with theirs.

Feiler is a New York Times bestselling author, with hugely successful books like “The Secrets of Happy Families,” and “Council of Dads,” which became a hit TV show. His latest book could not have come out at a better time. It’s called, “Life Is in the Transitions, Mastering Change at Any Age,” and in it, he offers tips for navigating life’s toughest moments, such as his own battle with cancer.