Dr. Richard Davidson


Dr. Richard Davidson is a distinguished neuroscientist and an avid spiritual seeker. He has discussed wisdom with the Dalai Lama, hung out with Ram Dass and Timothy Leary, and he knows more about the brain and consciousness than anyone alive.

Dr. Davidson’s outlook on aging is as fascinating as the company he keeps. Have you ever tried meditation? If you think it was a fad that went out with the ’60s you’d better think again. It could be the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Dr. Davidson’s life, his career and his passions are spellbinding because they dig down to the very essence of being. He says the plasticity of the brain defines it as an organ that is built to be able to change, grow and develop. He believes we can learn to control our brains to the extent we can change the relationship between our bodies and illness.

He has extensively studied Tibetan monks — experts in mind training — and learned about the mind’s potential to control, promote and regulate our emotions.