Barbara Beskind


Barbara Beskind smashes a handful of stereotypes every time she goes to work. At 90 years old, she is by far the oldest member of the world-famous human-centered design team, IDEO, in Silicon Valley. Many of her co-workers are 60 or even 70 years younger.

She explains how she landed the job simply by writing them a letter and telling them about her lifetime of creativity and acquiring skills.

Barbara explains some of the fascinating projects she’s working on, including one she recently did for Google and other products to improve elderly people’s lives.

Barbara, who lives in a retirement home, explains what both her young co-workers at IDEO and her fellow residents think about her recent return to the workforce. Plus, find out what’s so remarkable about the way everyone at work, including the interns, treats her.

She also discusses how she doesn’t let her low vision affect her conceptual design work and offers advice for other seniors who may think their ability to contribute to society has passed.