Arlo Guthrie


With a natural ability to sing and play guitar and a passion for speaking out against social injustices, Arlo Guthrie has made a name for himself.

He’s the son of the legendary Woody Guthrie, but he’s taken his own track for success by using his music as a means to get the word out. He exploded onto the scene in 1967 with his Vietnam War protest song, “Alice’s Restaurant.” Although the song was 18 minutes long, it still got major airplay.

Because of his passion for social activism, he’s created the Guthrie Center to help the world fight against disease, poverty and other global issues.

So while Guthrie had a front-row seat as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and other greats made their way into history, he had his own plans to get there.

Guthrie talks to Growing Bolder about his current “Solo Reunion Tour” and plans for a family reunion tour next year.