Did you know that a man is 33 percent more likely to get prostate cancer than a woman is to get breast cancer?

Record, TV and film producer Peter Starr is one of the millions of men diagnosed with his prostate cancer, and after he went through his experiences, he wanted to highlight something many men don’t talk about by doing what he does best — making a film about it.

For two years, he traveled the world to interview some of the top doctors in Australia, Europe, America and Canada and he says he learned a really important lesson — men can and do survive cancer without going through the typical surgery-radiation-chemo treatment plan. The result is Peter’s film, “Restore Prostate Health.”

Now Peter says he wants every man to get the facts before they make a decision about their options.

Peter says one of his first lessons about prostate cancer is that a PSA level does not always detect or indicate cancer. His own PSA levels were low when he was diagnosed and he says he’s since learned that other parts of the body can produce PSA proteins.

He also explains why he would never again allow doctors to perform a prostate biopsy and why some well-known natural health doctors feel the same way. Peter says he know believes all the negative side effects aren’t worth the potential benefits.  

But Peter says the one thing that really motivated him was his urologist. Peter believes that urologists want to perform surgery, radiologists want to give a patient radiation and oncologists want to give patients chemo. Peter says he doesn’t think they seek out true second opinions.

Find out what Peter’s research has taught him about the chances of living with, managing or even curing prostate surgery — without surgery, drugs or radiation.

Click here to watch the trailer for Peter’s film.