Like many, Pat and Cat Patterson found themselves marooned in middle-age. Both had just gone through devastating divorces. Both were financially destroyed. Both were confused, discouraged and without direction, until they met each other.

Something else they had in common was a thirst for adventure. They had nothing to lose, so they decided to go for broke! They would go around the world, on the seat of a bicycle. It took them four years to complete their journey. They would never be the same again. Their priorities had changed, their values had changed and their lives had changed. They wanted more.

They’ve just returned from a four-month, 10-country tour through Southeast Asia. Pat is about to turn 70 and has never felt better. Cat, who suffered a major heart attack nearly a decade ago, has recovered with a vengeance. Both agree that this is the best time of their lives.

Click here to listen to the Pattersons on GB Radio in 2008.

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