Neil Sedaka is back for a second visit to the Growing Bolder Radio Show, this time with what may be the definitive interview.

The icon of the music industry was eager to talk about his humble beginnings. While his friends in high school were partying, dating and drinking, Neil and his neighbor were writing song after song, setting the foundation for one of the most prolific, complete careers ever.

He reveals that now, in his 70s, he still believes he can write another No. 1 hit song.

His story is so fascinating that a stage play has debuted about his life. Neil saw the new show, “Laughter in the Rain,” and loved it! He explains why the production struck such a strong, emotional chord in him.

From his collaborations with some of the biggest names in the business to his own mega hits, Neil seems to understand the timeless nature of his songs. Listen to learn why he believes he can remain relevant for years to come.

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