Mrs Hughes is an overnight sensation, years in the making. But what makes her story unique and inspiring is that it begins at age 40, and it was all launched by a chance conversation with another woman at Weight Watchers.

She was a mother and a wife with no desire to start winding down. So she chose to reinvent herself, only she chose the one thing that terrified her the most — performing in front of others. She says she got the idea from a comedian she met at Weight Watchers. She asked her how to do it, and the rest is history.

Her experiences as a mom and a wife gave her the perfect raw material that she thought might resonate with other people going through her same life stage.

She began to write stand-up comedy, and the reaction of audiences became such an adrenalin rush that she wanted to perform more and more.

That’s when Merv Griffin changed her life. He hired her for his clubs and started her along the way.

But it wasn’t until more recently, when she posted some of her performances on YouTube, that America’s Favorite Grandma became a viral success story!

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