When her husband suddenly passed away, Margaret Trost became inconsolable. She struggled to rediscover the joy in the world.

But then, a chance trip to Haiti opened her eyes to unimaginable suffering of the people in one of the world’s poorest countries. Her heart opened open to the people there, and in return, she was filled with a sense of purpose.

That life-changing trip led her to start the What If Foundation, which funds a food program in Haiti. She’s also written about her experiences in her book, “On That Day Everybody Ate: One Woman’s Story of Hope and Possibility in Haiti.”

Margaret says the people of Haiti need our love and help now more than ever after suffering through the devastating effects of the 2008 hurricane season.

Margaret says it’s inevitable that we’re all going to go through periods of grief in our lives. The key is what we choose to do next. She says giving back is the most fulfilling way to carry on.

Find out her tips for finding a cause that can open your life and heart to others. She says in return, your heart will be filled in ways you never imagined. 

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