For more than 30 years, Liberty DeVitto was the driving force and the beat behind Billy Joel. Now, in his 60s, he’s banging the drum of starting anew, of reinvention and staying relevant.

He’s one of the most successful, recognizable and spectacular drummers in the business today, and with his new band, the Slim Kings, he’s rocking to a new beat. 

How many people recall the date that forever altered the direction of their life. Liberty remembers the date — February 9, 1964. Find out what happened that day that inspired Liberty to pursue music as a profession. 

Why doesn’t Liberty play with Billy Joel anymore? He explains. 

Plus, after spending decades performing alongside one of the most famous musicians in history, Liberty finds himself in the odd position of being the father of upcoming star, actress Torrey DeVitto. He explains how it feels for people to know his daughter’s name more than his old performing partner. 

Liberty explains what it’s like to still rock in his 60s and why he’s having more fun now than ever before. 

Plus, wait until you hear about his work with Rockers in Recovery, which allows people who still want to rock out at shows but don’t want to do the bar scene anymore find new ways to enjoy music.