Not many people in life get out of a wheelchair to dance on a Broadway stage, but that’s the story of Leonard Crofoot.

He was confined to a wheelchair for the first seven years of his life. He says he learned what it’s like to be felt sorry for. He learned what it was like to yearn to participate with others. But what he wanted to do most was entertain and inspire others.

Dance was the perfect therapy for his recovery. Before long, Leonard realized he was driven by more than an ambition for celebrity. He was determined to show what was possible when no one else believed in him.

His unbelievable career has taken him from some of Broadway’s biggest stages to roles in movies and television series. He relished the chance to portray aliens in several “Star Trek” episodes.

And now, after hitting 60, Leonard is defying the odds again. He’s performing with the Palm Springs Follies, singing, dancing and delighting audiences. He and the many talented members of the Follies, one of the most unique performing troops in the entertainment world, are smashing the stereotypes of age every time they take the stage.

They are proof that talent is enriched by the experience of years and true entertainers never lose the gift. They have a strong desire to continue to apply their trade, and Leonard has learned the audiences are ever grateful.