Success rarely comes easily and not without a few failures along the way. But the power of persistence can be an amazing thing.

It’s hard to be persistent and you can’t unless you really believe in what you’re doing. Director, writer and producer Kenny Golde is a believer. It took him 13 years to make his film about second-chance romance a reality.

Kenny says read this script years ago and fell in love with it, but he read it during a time when Quentin Tarantino and horror movies were very popular. He said good old-fashioned movies that make you laugh and cry just weren’t being made.

And the fact that the film is set in a retirement community made the sell even harder. But he was dedicated to making this film, so he wouldn’t let go.

He said this film is universal. Everyone goes through loss, grief and a way to find a path to healing.

The film is called “Uncross the Stars,” and it’s about a young man who goes to a community of elderly people and they open his eyes to the wisdom that they have to share.

Kenny says the film has taught him that every stage of a human being’s life is special for what it is – it doesn’t become less important simply because you’re older.

He shares how he was able to get major stars Barbara Hershey and Ron Perleman to star in his little movie and what it was like to film at a real retirement community near Phoenix, Arizona, and how that had a huge impact on the finished product.