Legendary fitness expert Kathy Smith has sold more than 50 million in infomercial products and 16 mil workout videos over the years.

Known as America’s Trainer, she’s now helping to rebrand the way we age.

She says she’s passionate about helping people discover the ways they can keep their functional ability as they age.

Kathy says her most important message is if you want to age well, then you must take care of yourself. She says self responsibility is the key to healthy aging — not handing your health or wellness over to your doctor.  

The “miracle pill” of aging is simple — keep moving.

Kathy offers ideas for activities that you can do in your home when if it’s too dark or the weather is too bad for you to get outside. She says there should be no excuse to not do some sort of activity every day.

Kathy says getting started can be daunting, so she has activities that take 15 minutes. Once you start moving and getting the benefits of 15 minutes of exercise, you’ll want to keep building on that.

She speaks from experience. Kathy explains how running helped her get through very difficult periods of her life and helped lift the veil of depression.

Plus, she pinpoints what she says will be the next fitness trend for the 50+ crowd.

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