“Rocky and Bullwinkle” is one of the most fondly remembered cartoon shows in history, in large part because of its unforgettable voice actors.

June Forway was the true star of the show. She was the voice behind Rocky and every female character, including Natasha.

But she didn’t stop there. Through the course of her legendary career, she’s also been the voice of Cindy Lou Who, Tweety and the Granny in the Tweety and Sylvester cartoons and the fabulously creepy Talky Tina doll in “The Twilight Zone.”

Some have called her the female Mel Blanc but many agree it’s more appropriate to call Mel the male June Foray!

June is now 95 years old and still going strong. She recently won a daytime Emmy Award for her work on “Garfield,” she’s an active animation judge for the Academy Awards and she’s telling all the stories from her career in her new book, “Did You Grow Up With Me, Too?”

June talks to Growing Bolder about her career and treats us to some of her beloved voices. She reveals the surprising character that’s become her most popular — and most requested voice — at conventions across the country. 

She also shares some fascinating stories from the glory days of studio animation, including working with Mel Blanc as she did Tweety and he did Bugs Bunny.

Plus, find out why she used to lie about her age but now embraces it.