It’s a fact we’re all facing — as we get older, we have to say goodbye to more and more loved ones. But it turns out that death may not be as final as some of us think. Is it possible to communicate with the other side by tapping into our own psychic selves?

Psychic Medium John Edward has written four best-sellers, with a new book just released (“Infinite Quest”), and hosts the popular show “Crossing Over with John Edward.” Edward says that the thing that we’re all really pursuing in life is balance, so he does what he can to help people stop worrying about their loved ones who have passed, and find peace.

Can we develop psychic abilities like muscles? Edward says yes, but it takes a big first step: acceptance. When we believe that we have the power, we can harness it, and in the process, we can become happier, more ambitious people. See what he says about the thousands of people that ask him to look into their loves ones’ lives, why he says he’s honored to do his work every day, and why he’s so personally driven to help others find the peace that they’re seeking.